Ultra High Performance 500 Series Microphone Preamplifier

  • Ultra high performance microphone/line/DI preamplifier offers you outstanding signal integrity
  • Significantly upgraded version of the award-winning MIDAS mic amp design gives you the best preamp ever in our 40-year history
  • Ultra-low noise octal discrete input transistors provide incredible sonic flexibility and exceptional dynamic control
  • Legendary MIDAS input allows up to +24 dBu signal levels with no pad and gives you our signature soft-clip coloration on overload
  • Unique "Warm" feature reconfigures the input stage with a premium input transformer for lower input impedance and authentic vintage sound
  • Separate high-performance DI input through secondary rack connector and easy-access front panel switch let you effortlessly change between mic and instrument
  • Twin circular 31-segment meters with precision full wave rectifiers for unprecedented visibility into your input and output levels for the ultimate signal monitoring experience
  • Stunning looks feature a distinctive fusion of vintage and modern design with anodized fascia, metal controls and 4 genuine gold-plated rings for class-leading style
  • Separate discrete transformer and electronically balanced outputs provide a splitter function and give you a choice of sonic character
  • High-accuracy Mil-Spec rotary switch gain and output gain trim controls give you a phenomenal combined mic input gain range of -20 dB to +80 dB
  • Fully variable high
    - and low-pass wide spectrum filters with independent selection switches let you perfectly sculpt the frequency spectrum to your exact preference
  • Front-panel toggle switches for easy-to-use control over input select, filters, +48 V, polarity, output mute and "Warm" mode
  • Protective auto-mute feature guards against accidental unwanted noise from input switching in live and studio applications
  • Premium quality components throughout, including high-end op-amps, micro melf resistors and discrete FET's, provide you with the highest form of signal integrity
  • 10-Year Warranty Program*
  • Designed and engineered in the U.K.


In response to the many customer requests received over the years, the award-winning MIDAS Microphone Preamp is now available as an addon to any mobile or recording system. When used in conjunction with the LEGEND L10 or L6 500 Series Rackmount Chassis, the MICROPHONE PREAMPLIFIER 501 provides the ideal solution for users seeking the legendary MIDAS sound in a highly-flexible, modular format that boasts significantly-upgraded, premium-quality performance. Additionally, the 501 features a separate robust DI input (through secondary rack connector) with a convenient front panel switch that lets you change eff ortlessly between mic and instrument inputs.

Award-Winning Mic Preamp

The MIDAS Microphone Preamplifier is considered by leading live sound and recording engineers as the very essence of the famous MIDAS sound. Decades of design experience paired with premiumgrade components is the foundation of that acclaimed warmth and depth, which brings out subtle ambience, maintains spatial positioning, and more effectively captures a precise sound image. That warm and organic MIDAS sound has been heard by millions of concert goers – and recorded for posterity on countless live albums. The award-winning mic preamplifier in the 501 module has been upgraded via implementation of ultra-low noise octal discrete input transistors, which provide incredible sonic flexibility, exceptional dynamic control – and an even more transparent sonic performance.

Sweet Forgiveness

Over the years, many mix engineers have found this robust and overload-tolerant preamp design takes on a whole new dimension when driven hard. The 501 module’s input stage allows up to +24 dBu signal levels with no pad requirement, while featuring the much loved soft clipping characteristic that provides crystal-clear audiophile reproduction – with just the right amount of harmonics.

More Warmth

The 501’s input is electronically balanced, which provides a very clean signal – even at extremely high signal levels. However, engaging the Warm toggle switch inserts a premium-quality balanced input transformer in front of the preamp. This not only adds the benefits of galvanic isolation to the mic input, but also lowers the input impedance from 10 kΩ to 1.5 kΩ for a more vintage setup and sound. A switchable DI (Direct Injection) input is also provided for connecting instrument level signals without requiring any additional hardware.

Dual Balanced Outputs

The default output of the 501 module is its discrete transistor-driven premium transformer output and provides all the benefits of galvanic isolation. Output 2 utilises an enhanced version of the electronically balanced output drivers found in most MIDAS mixing consoles. This output is ideal for connecting to other modules in your rack, such as an EQ or compressor, or directly to the line-level inputs of recording equipment, power amplifiers, or powered loudspeakers – plus both outputs can be used simultaneously.

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