The PRO Series Expands

With significant new investment in MIDAS and KLARK TEKNIK, the Company expanded with more engineers and another floor at the City Park site.

klarkteknik year 2011 image 0

During this time, with the worldwide economic downturn beginning to bite and touring sound becoming more and more important as a profit-making enterprise due to the decline in revenues from recorded music, the Pro Audio market was undergoing a sea-change. Adoption of digital technologies became accepted and more widespread throughout the live arena, with customers demanding more cost-effective solutions.

The PRO2 and PRO2C consoles, unveiled at the 2011 PLASA Show, feature a daylight viewable display and a networking capacity of 160 inputs and 160 outputs. Both consoles became an instant success and industry standard.

The smaller format PRO1 console, launched at the Las Vegas Infocomm Show in 2012 also features a daylight viewable display, but has a networking capacity of up to 176 inputs and 168 outputs and can mix 48 input channels onto 27 mix buses.



NAMM TEC Nominee 2012