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You asked for reviews so our PR team have been on a mission to deliver! Below we have 5 iNSPIRE iP reviews from some of our favourite publications. Enjoy!  

Live Sound International
Live Sound International / Pro Sound Web

"Anyone in the market for a column/sub combo should definitely put the iP2000 on the list. It delivers high-quality sound in a compact footprint that’s easy to transport and flexible in placement." Read...


Sound on Sound

Sound on Sound

"Given the performance and portability of the system, not to mention the very attractive price, I have to say that I'm impressed. If you need a hint more power and bass extension, there's always the slightly larger iP2000." Read...


Audio Media International

Audio Media International

"Overall I think TURBOSOUND has done a great job of striking the balance between providing enough features to enable trouble-free sound reinforcement while not overwhelming the user with a feature set that requires a complex interface to operate." Read...


Voice Council Magazine

Voice Council

"TURBOSOUND's iP1000 is a nice looking system that will go impressively loud for its size. Setting the system up is very fast and it will fit into most small cars without too much trouble." Read...


The Mobile Musician
The Mobile Musician

"To set it apart from the competition, TURBOSOUND have included some additional features such as Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to control levels and settings remotely via an app on an iOS device." Read...

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