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We Empower. You Create.

We at Music Tribe believe that our sole purpose is to empower you to become the most creative you can be.

We believe that creating art and sharing it with others is the most meaningful way for you to receive appreciation, recognition and happiness.

We further believe in obsessively empowering our Tribers and Customers through our world-class Brands Midas, Klark Teknik, Lab Gruppen, Lake, Tannoy, Turbosound, TC Electronic, TC Helicon, Behringer, Bugera, Auratone and Coolaudio.

For that purpose, we are determined to become the world’s most Customer, Information and Operation Obsessed Tribe while empowering our Tribers and Customers to become the most creative people.

That’s why we exist.

Uli Behringer


This is the future of HR and we are solely focused on reaching the hearts and minds of our Tribers (Employees).

Our Heart team is dedicated to the acquisition and development of the leading talent in the industry. We’re heavily automating all traditional HR tasks, so we are now empowered to focus all our efforts on what really matters - developing our greatest asset – our Tribers (Employees).

Would you like to help build an outstanding culture of collaboration and winning? Then come and join our Heart team.


"You First" and serving our Friends (Customers) is our obsession as you are at the heart of everything we do.

We believe in keeping in close touch with you, understanding your needs and providing you with meaningful solutions that enrich your life. Our Friends teams are about engaging with you, building two-way loyalty and what matters most - Trust.

If you are passionate about serving our Friends and taking pride in representing the finest brands in the industry - then get in touch with us.


Our goal is to be the #1 in Customer Care, by delivering industry-leading solutions and the highest quality Care to support you.

Our Care team includes over 130 people across 4 continents, offering pre- and post-sale service in over 7 languages. With one of the highest quality ratings in the industry, we deliver after-sales service and supply parts directly to you to ensure the best possible experience with our products.

At Care, we care for our Tribers (Employees) in the same way that we care for our Friends (Customers). Join us and become a member of our amazing Care team.


At the Broadcast Team, we are all about engaging with you and helping you wherever we can.

Via our multiple MUSIC Tribe Experience Centers, we communicate with you through social media and hotlines, host and stream live concerts, engage with established and upcoming musicians, and produce amazing lifestyle and educational videos. Nothing is more rewarding to us than to help you to be the best you can be.

Join us and be part of our creative Experience Centers and Broadcasting team to engage with the treasure of our Tribe - our Friends (Customers).


We are the cutting edge of Innovation and the architects of tomorrow's technology.

Creators of MIDAS Neutron, the industry’s most powerful DSP Engine, as well as the BEHRINGER X32, the most successful digital console of all time, we are the global Innovation team. With 450 of the world’s leading system and software architects, mechanical and compliance engineers as well as many other amazing talents, we turn dreams into reality.

If you love music and technology, join our Innovation teams and take pride in building the Next Big Thing.


We drive Digital Business and Transformation to the bleeding edge.

With a team of the world’s most passionate Business Analysts and Data Scientists, we are implementing a never before seen level of transformation and automation in our global organization. We are positioning MUSIC Tribe as a true pioneer in Digital Business and the “Internet of You”.

Do you love business analysis, technology, and thrive on the cutting edge of digital business? Then come join our Excellence team, consisting of the world’s most customer and technology-obsessed people.


Life changing experiences through design is what we’re all about!

The Hypermedia team is comprised of the most skilled web and software developers, 3D artists and graphic designers that are all about creating an engaging and life changing experience for you. We develop websites, apps, create 3D renders of products and experience centers, design packaging and user interfaces that are seen, felt and experienced by our Friends (Customers) all over the world.

From the time you see a product on our website to when it’s in your hands, we’re there every step of the way.


As the future of Finance, we are providing financial services to our treasure - you, the customer.

We are the team that is obsessed with dramatically simplifying processes and running the latest predictive financial modeling systems, while treasuring our Tribers (Employees), who support us in building a strong financial foundation. Our Treasure team is all about valuing people through empowerment and recognition to be responsible and transparent stewards of our material treasures.

Do you love financial modeling and business analysis? Do you thrive on digital business for one single purpose, to serve our Tribers? Then come join us.


From blueprint to assembly line, our team is responsible for making our products a reality.

We have highly skilled engineers that work tirelessly fabricating, assembling, and testing products to the highest standard. We’re located in the brand new and state-of-the-art MUSIC Tribe City in Zhongshan, China that houses over 3,000 Tribers, complete with dormitories, a grocery, recreation facilities and much more.

If you want to have a hand in creating some of the industry’s most coveted products, then a great opportunity awaits you!


We are the partners to support MUSIC Tribe’s overall business strategy and execution.

We are a passionate team of legal and tax experts that act as MUSIC Tribe’s trusted advisors and business partners to drive execution of business strategy. We structure and negotiate agreements covering mergers and acquisitions, real estate, compliance and litigation.

If you are passionate and want to apply your legal and business talents to a leading industry pioneer, we would love to have you on our team.

USA, Las Vegas

It’s the largest party play ground in the world and regularly hosts the music world's biggest stars. What happens in Vegas?See for yourself and visit our MUSIC Tribe Experience Center and Care team which serves as our North American service center.

UK, Manchester

A cultural melting pot, renowned for its architecture, sports, engineering and infamous music scene, Manchester is THE happening place. Manchester is the home of our world-class MIDAS, KLARK TEKNIK and TURBOSOUND Innovation and Broadcasting teams.

UK, Kidderminster

A historical town in Worcestershire, mentioned in the Domesday Book and famous for its industrial and railway heritage. It is the heart of our dedicated UK Care team and the location of our service center.

Sweden, Kungsbacka

Like most towns in Halland, Kungsbacka dates from the 13th century. This period saw the growth and increasing prosperity of the North German Hanseatic towns, and their expanding commerce and trade gave rise to new trading centers along the coastline of southern Sweden. This is the location where our powerful LAB GRUPPEN and LAKE Innovation and Manufacturing teams are based.

Scotland, North Lanarkshire

Lanarkshire is rich in its variety and quality of visitor attractions. The area offers a wealth of places to visit and things to do, as well as beautiful scenery for walking and cycling and other outdoor pursuits. Lanarkshire has something for everyone! This is the historical place where TANNOY’s famous Innovation and Manufacturing teams are located.

Philippines, Manila

A diverse and vibrant metropolis where you can eat, drink, shop, Karaoke and party 24 hours a day. This is MUSIC Tribe’s head office. Our incredible Philippine Tribe offers amazing global services for our MUSIC Tribe.

Japan, Tokyo

The world's most populous metropolis offers unlimited entertainment, shopping, culture, dining and fascinating history. Our Japanese Touch, Feel and Care teams are located here.

Germany, Willich

A historical town located in North Rhine-Westphalia, near Dusseldorf and the Dutch border. Our world-class BEHRINGER and BUGERA Innovation and Broadcasting teams are located here.

Denmark, Risskov

Diverse, modern and fun, Aarhus is one of the happiest cities on Earth. Explore its cozy Latin Quarter, art galleries or the Old Town to see why.Our fantastic TC ELECTRONIC Innovation and Broadcasting teams are located here.

China, Zhongshan

A city with a fast growing economy located on the western side of the Pearl River Delta and a boat ride away from Hong Kong.Zhongshan is the heart of our world-class MUSIC Tribe City manufacturing facility with its amazing global services teams.

China, Shenzhen

One of the largest manufacturing hubs in the world and the wealthiest city in China. A city rich in history, food, art, entertainment and host to dozens of unique theme parks. Our excellent Shenzhen Innovation teams are located here.

Malaysia, Penang
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